I did not update my blog since a while…

Mid of September, Queen D and me went to Japan. More precisely to Takayama city, located about 2 hours from Nagoya by JR train, where we stayed 4 days.

I was concerned about possible communication problems but finally we could exchange some English words (enough to use transportation) and beside, Queen D could help with the writings because a lot of signs or restaurants’ menus used Chinese.

After 40 minutes train from the International Central Airport (Nagoya), we arrived in Nagoya city where we bought the JR ticket (fast train) to go to Takayama. It took about 2 hours and 20 minutes. Train was very comfortable and price reasonable (less than 6,000 yens per person).

Very soon, we were in the country side, surrounded by mountains, forests and streams. Just one word: Beautiful!

Takayama has been dubbed “Little Kyoto”. Old parts of the town have been preserved. Set amidst the Northern Japan Alps (the “roof of Japan”), Takayama is surrounded by spectacular scenery and quite famous spas.

We booked a kind of “business hotel”. Simple but comfortable and of course (we are in Japan) very clean. Service: nothing to say. Good.

First day, we rent bicycles to visit Hida-no-sato (a folk village located about 2 kilometers from the downtown. It is a model recreating the historical look of the area.

I took a lot of pictures but some were lost, I do not know what happened with the camera. Anyway, here are some.

The next 3 pictures are from there. Have a look on the one about the roof and notice how thick is the roof (to protect the house from the snow).

Then we visited the town (everything is within walking distance), starting with Furui-Machi-nami (old private houses):

This part of the town is really amazing.

We visited then the Takayama Jinya (the historical government house) built in the end of the seventeenth century. Of course a lot has already disappeared but at least the first floor is still there. Here is the main entrance:

The two wooden boxes at the entrance are for plastic bags to put in our shoes. Tatamis are everywhere.

Here is the kitchen used at that time:

We can see gardens from almost all the doors or windows:

Below, is a stone basin called Tearai-ishi, used for washing hands:

Each place, room, has his official purpose: receiving special guests, court, living… Here are some views:

Following day, we visited the morning markets (Asa-ichi). They are not big, but we can get beautiful and tasty fruits, vegetable, miso…:

Another view quite close from the markets:

It is really a beautiful and quiet place. No noise even from the cars!

For sure we will go back there and enjoy some hiking in the near forest.

Cannot wait 🙂


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