About Hunting…

I was invited several times for hunting in Europe. Frankly speaking, I never liked it and that could explain that usually I did not participate.
I like the after-hunting party, the friendly gathering etc… But not the hunting as we use to see in our days.
It is not because I am against hunting. Hunting to get something to eat, hunting by using tools which let a chance to the target could be roughly OK. But even though, since a long time I did not do it.
Firstly because my religious. But of course if I had to hunt to survive, I will…
Secondly, I noticed in Europe (at least where I was invited), there were no glory to kill an animal: almost no more wild ones in the bush. They come from special farms and then released… So in that case, it is the same feeling than shooting on a carton target. Beside, beeing quite good with a gun, I do not see any glory and/or pleasure by killing animals by this way.
Thirdly, I saw so many stupid people just killing everything they could, even it is not eatable or worst: protected…
And finally, during the hunting season, you can see how many people were shot by accident because believe it or not, some (or many?) go for hunting even after the gathering (which include of course beer, wine… – I saw it) or just because people thought “it” was an animal…
In Taiwan hunting is normally forbidden as in most situations, to own a gun.
So I was quite surprised by a news few days ago in Taipei Times: “A Kaohsiung man who went hunting on Monday night turned himself in after allegedly killing two men in the woods he had mistaken for wild animals“….. “He thought it was the reflection of an animal’s eyes and started shooting“…”It turned out the light was a fire started
I am speechless…

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