Business in China

In one of my recent posts, I mentioned about the almost 1,200 Taiwanese businessmen who have been locked behind bars in China.

Time to time, we can read in the newspapers some stories about problems encountered by Taiwanese businessmen (or others) in China.

Of course in some cases, the behavior of these people could be questioned but people knowing a little bit about “rules in China” cannot believe that all cases are only based on illegal behavior.

According the today Taipei Times (page 1), there are more than 10,000 commercial disputes involving Taiwanese in China. Do not think it only concerns small or medium size companies. Same source relayed some news on air since 2 or 3 days about : “…Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store general manager, Steven Wu (吳昕達) who leads a group of Taiwanese staff operating the Shin Kong Place in Beijing, was reportedly forbidden by Beijing authorities from leaving China just before he was scheduled to return to Taiwan for a conference…”

There are of course many official and unofficial reports about the reasons. The one which is certainly very close to the situation concerns the different Mitsukoshi Group in Taiwan has with his partner in China. It seems that the latter “thought the Taiwanese will only be an investor and let the Chinese counterpart does the rest“.

Because the dispute, of course in China it is because the foreigner did something illegal… Are you surprised?

Chinese authorities did not block Steven Wu to pass immigration or to go to the airport. According Channel News Asia, “… Steven Wu, general manager of Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s Beijing New Life Square, was escorted by Chinese police out off an airplane…”

…As a convicted criminal. And (magic?) he could later go to Taiwan…

Maybe the story was too hot? Or maybe the bail of 2 million yuan (US$266,000) could explain something?

The rules of the game as I wrote in my previous post are different in China. And obviously, it is not the law which govern the dispute there.

And do not believe it only concerns Taiwanese. Other nationalities get the same problems or difficulties.

Taiwanese still believe it is the best place to invest. one could understand that, especially because it is very close and the language in many area is the same.

I should write something about it in the future, but look at the Japanese: since few years, there is a clear trend: they are looking somewhere else.

China is not the only one to be charged. Have a look in some countries in Africa, Russia…

But still, no one stands up to…

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