Taiwanese Passports: Trouble in France

Queen D mentioned to me yesterday about the two Taiwanese case detained in France during two days because each one owns a passport with a different cover: one mentions “Taiwan” and the other one, no.

Firstly, it was British Airways employees who handed over the two people under the accusations “they could be terrorists”. Really, the brain washing from USA works very well, even with French authorities. It became a pain in the ass now if we want to travel…

Secondly, how come it needed two days for the French authorities to realize their mistakes? Incredible!!! What did the MOFA? What did the “Bureau de Representation de Taipei a Paris” (de facto embassy)in Paris?

Thirdly it is not forbidden for a country, to redesign its passport. One could understand the reason to put “Taiwan” on it. But see what could happen when two real passports with different designs are shown… What a mess…

Could be worst: imagine a Taiwan passport holder who has to keep two passports: old version (including a Visa for a given area) and the new version (because the other one is full…)

What to say?

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