United Nations

See today on Taipei Times, a pic by AFP.
Nice design, nice slogan “Peace for ever”…
Hope so…
Is it the same pic people could see abroad about Taiwan and UN?
I saw one about this campaign: a fish…
Take care, the big cat is very close…

3 Responses

  1. UN did not have obligation to defedn Formosa Island proper ways
    but failed to do duties. “When the Republic of China (ROC) was founded in 1912, Taiwan was an overseas colony of Japan.
    Article 4 of the ROC Constitution outlines specific procedures for the incorporation of new territory, but have these procedures been completed to incorporate the areas of “Formosa and the Pescadores?”
    If some people want to claim that Oct. 25, 1945, was “Taiwan Retrocession Day,” how is it that none of the Allies recognized any transfer of the territorial sovereignty of “Formosa and the Pescadores” to the ROC on this date?
    Actually, the ROC held the Oct. 25, 1945, surrender ceremonies on behalf of the Allies. The ROC’s ensuing military occupation of Taiwan has been conducted as a principal-agent relationship on behalf of the conqueror: the US. After the surrender ceremonies, Taiwan’s international legal position was “an independent customs territory under USMG [US Military Government] on Japanese soil,” with Chiang Kai-shek’s (蔣介石) personnel in charge of the administration.

  2. Taiwan never part of China. CCP tyranncial ruler bully the weaker by use KMT (Chinese Nationalist) occupied island for reason claim Taiwan is part of China?

    Please visit website at http://www.taiwandocument.org or http://www.taiwandc.org or http://www.taiwannation.com.tw or http://www.taiwanus.net for true history of Taiwna

    True China imperial powered was just Beijing and Nanjing landmark
    all rest of provinces were not part of China, nor were people Chinese. Even though hundred time culture revolutions or educations reforms, there are still evidence prove facts, such as each province has own language different from the others, while Beijing is offical lanquege.

  3. News told CCP instigate the people to lie 1000 times than others believe it, which CCP the liar bully the weaker continue faked up untrue story or fabricate perjury documents, many people fall into plot, mislead children or other to go astray or seduce to evil

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