Olympic Games and… the rest

For the first time in the history of the Summer Olympic Games, the medals will be made of another material besides the traditional gold, silver and bronze. They will be jade…These medals will surely be the best contribution from the Beijing 2008 organization to the Olympic Games’ history.

The rest…

China made its people dreaming about the Games. Chinese in some ways, believed it as the rest of the world with their brain washed or their selected vision.

Anyway, the waking next morning will be very tough.

How much people had to pay? Let’s not forget how many people had to be relocated, loosing everything (but everything was not lost for all…).

My friends in Europe said that at least, it will be an “ecological” event.

Ecological? Oh yes?

Beijing for 2007 targeted 245 days a year of blue skies, and about 151 are still lacking (with 125 available days before the end of the year if my math are OK). The climate, the smog, the bad air are constants in the life of Beijing. The construction sites do not help either, since they raise dust and it’s not only CO2 that fills the air and the lungs of Beijing people and visitors. When will the real bill have to be paid?

What’s about reporter’s freedom? China promised to grant it. See how many foreign reporters were already in trouble during the last few months…

But who care?

People? Give them bread and games and they will be happy. Anyway, they have short memory.

Powerful countries? They prefer to deal with democratic countries. It is easier. “Improve your intellectual property rights situation otherwise you will be in trouble“, “Do nothing which could be understood as an unilateral change of the status quo“…

…”What? You are saying that this one is manipulating its currency, is exporting dangerous goods, is creating a mess and a war in Africa, is using kids and slaves in its factories? Come on! That is different, we will deal with that. See how much we were so tough on them about tooth paste!”… No comment…

In CNA today, we could read: “So when we talk about the situation in regard to Taiwan, we talk about Taiwan in the context of a great friendship. But when it comes to this issue of a referendum as to whether or not Taiwan join the United Nations in the name of Taiwan, we do have great concerns“, quote from Mr. John Negroponte, U.S. deputy secretary of state.

More from him: “We believe it’s important to avoid any kind of provocative steps on the part of Taiwan

… Sure! Taiwan is really a bad boy. How come it dares to challenge the agenda of the “big powers”?

In one hand US “supports” democracy and in another, says and does what we know.

Evidence that some “agendas” are more important for US: the interview of M. Negroponte was made by a Chinese media…

Beside the dangerous products export by China, there is an ever bigger and more alarming point: according Christophe Zimmerman (World Customs Organization), among the two millions of counterfeited food products found in the world during the year 2006, between 16 to 20% came from China…

The European Commission notified 263 dangerous food products and “L’ Expansion” (French News Magazine) already pointed “209 problems) for the first 7 months of 2007.

Do we need to add something more?

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