Doing Business in China: You said it is safe?

Fooling around Taiwanese news, I found here something about problems some Taiwanese businessmen could encounter in China. According the paper, and as for end of July 2007, 1,199 (why not 1,200?) have been locked behind bars in the past decade.

Of course, it does not include people who were subject of “other treatments”.

China is not the “Eldorado” so many could think of. Of course it is a big market with a lot of opportunities to make profit and blah blah blah.

Having acting a while ago there, I can say yes, it is true but… If the game is the same compare to other countries, rules are totally different.

Anyway, for several reasons, all these figures will never match the reality of the situation.

What is published represents only the tip of the iceberg.

It is not because there is a common language that this place should be the main or only one target for most of the Taiwanese investments.

Will what we saw in East of Europe happen in China?

Hard to say. But if yes, it won’t happen soon and the same mistakes will be made again and again there…

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