Justice? You said Justice?

Sometimes, reacting on the day to day news does not allow you to stand back, with “cold brain”.

Few days ago, big news about the presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九): he was acquitted on corruption charges.

Green said “it’s a scandal”. Blue said it is “justice”.


Just some facts and comments:

  1. He was indicted on February 13 2007 (after a quick investigation)
  2. Court decision on August 14 2007

Almost 6 months day to day…

So quick…

I will not make any comment about the above case by itself.

My point is not to provide more elements concerning this particular news. I just want to put in parallel the case of one of my friends, a foreigner living in Taiwan who sued his “ex-partner” (Taiwanese) for Forgery, Stealing and Defamation through different legal cases. After investigation (more than one year…), Prosecutors finally indicted his “ex-partner”.

After 3 years, even though his opponent had confessed everything, no decision yet and the Court never stopped to push my friend to make a deal. Obviously, if a deal is done, the Taiwanese won’t be condemned.

In one hand we have one case where everything is quick including the Court decision.

In another hand, a case involving a foreigner with long investigations, many hearings at the Court, a defendant who already confessed everything, but with everything done to push the foreigner to negotiate and withdraw his cases.

If it was the foreigner who was indicted, since a while he’d be expelled from Taiwan.

“Something is rotten is the kingdom of…”

So Justice? You said Justice?

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