Blogging again after 1.5 years of silence

During a while, an eternity for me, I had to struggle about some personal matters. I planned to blog about it but finally, I decided to put it aside, look forward and forget that there is no Justice here… especially if you are not local.

It took almost 3 years day to day to be able to finally see the “little light” at the end of the tunnel. It is not totally finished. I wish everything will be fine soon and that a new life is waiting for me.

Anyway, it brought me a lot of “experience” and “lessons” and certainly, I will time to time share it according the subject of my future posts. One more point:

Nothing would be possible without D.

I changed the original design of my blog, which was too heavy; but at least it made me learn the basics of HTML.

I reset to 0 my Sitemeter… A fresh beginning…

But of course, I am still a novice as a blogger, not really sure of what I want to do with this blog. I will try to express my mood that for sure. I will also try to post about what made me react and I believe, living in Taiwan, a lot of post will be about this beautiful country.

I will certainly post about what I found interesting, including from bloggers in Taiwan such as this very good one: The view from Taiwan edited by Michael Turton.

Most of foreigners (beside of course businessmen) who live in Taiwan are language teachers. Some are just here for 1 or 2 years. Some really live here and are totally integrated and show feelings and/or love about this beautiful country. Each time people ask me if I am teaching English… Like everywhere in the world, people have stereotypes: if you are foreigner here, you must of course teach English! Even though I am French… Since a long time, I don’t even mention I am teaching different subjects (economics, finance, quantitative) because firstly most of the people don’t really care (somewhere, they are right) and secondly they don’t even listen your answer. Finally, it does not matter, right? Teaching is teaching, whatever the subject. What counts, is the quality of the teachers or professors.

But do not misunderstand my point which has nothing to do with the English teachers. I tried to emphasize the fact that people have automatic questions which do not request in fact an answer. Like for example, people ask you “how are you doing?” but in fact, as you know, it really means “Good morning”. So of course, do not try to explain that you just caught cold or whatever (except of course if it is a friend who is asking). I am not naive. I know it since I am kid, as I suppose a big percentage of the human beings.

But fact is fact: in this world, people do not care so much about others.

Fortunately, some are doing exceptional job.

And of course, I will also write about them.

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